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World's Best Friend

Meet B'asia


B'asia Lashae is the Author of "The Forgiveness Guide" which is one of her many titles stemming from her Course Series - Your Past Is Your Power.

       She recognized  her Life's Purpose providing Enrichment and Mentoring as she began counseling her peers at an early age. With her exceptional skills in Mediation; she took on studies to further her career becoming an (Accredited) Certified Life Coach & Motivational Speaker. 

       B'asia also dedicates her time to evolving her Creative Gifts by offering an array of services to aide in Uplifting and the Enrichment of her Clients.  Specializing in Visual and Image Consulting - don't hesitate to check out her Creative Content via "WBF Photography" In addition she continues to excel at providing "ONE on ONE" Coaching Sessions to help clients overcome obstacles and heal from life experiences. 


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